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Ridgefield Park Volunteer Ambulance Corp

Administrative Officers

Silvio Zapata
Ricardo Poli
Vice President
Ibraheem Yanes
Jane Lee
Randall Koch

Operational Officers

Amanda Thomas
Nicole Grecco
1st Assistant Chief
John Weidner
2nd Assistant Chief
Amanda Djamoos
3rd Assistant Chief
Edwin Hernandez

Life Members

Maria Beltran
Linda Betley
Al Brooks
Michelle Cappasso-Slatery
Edwin Coyle
Raymond Dwyer
Thomas Farrell
Joseph Fiore
Sean Florio
Louis Guyre
Stephanie Hansen
William Hansen Jr.
Robert Hofmeister
Lorraine Kenny
George Kotzias
Claire Kubler
U.S. Marines
Tim LaTour
Roy Lazzaro
Jane Lowe
Mary Jane Lutz
Dan Manaut
Walter Mastison
Gigi Mauder
Dawn Nicholas
Joseph Nolan
Tom Opperman
Raymond Pomperi
Edward Rose
Ryan Rottner
Thomas Ryan
Joe Samus
John Saus
Marjory Taylor-Henderson
Mary Touchette
Ronald Wagner
Samuel Yellen
Silvio Zapata

Senior Members

Jessamyn Alvarado
Parag Badami
Raul Camilo
Jenice Diaz
Andres Faciolince
Jane Lee
Christine Lowe
Alex Marlowe
Dylan Moylan
Chelsea Nagurka
Liscary Pacheco
Hennesys Perez
Steven Poli
Jacob Schwartz
Margaret Sellen
Joseph Sheehan
Amanda Thomas
Andrew Valenzuela
Kyle Viola
Ibraheem Yanes

Military Leave

Christian Adams
U.S. Army
Nick Blake
U.S. Navy
Karlie Formoe
U.S. Coast Guard
Jacqueyn Quaglino
U.S. Army

Youth Members

Luiza Tinaj

Reserve Members

Ariana Basdeo
Kevin Bayhon
John DeJesus
Pearlene Sumayah
Rose Wellens


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Applicant Details

Emergency Contact Details

Second Emergency Contact Details

Applicant Details Continued

I hereby authorize inquire by the Corps of all statements contained in this application and release those individuals from any and all liability and damage resulting from or arising out of such investigations. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in this application is cause for immediate dismissal from the Corps.

I consent to taking a pre-membership physical exam and such future exams as may be required by the Corps. I agree to comply with all rules and regulations and by-laws governing the corps, and further agree to return any and all equipment and/or clothing loaned to me by the corps upon relinquishing my membership in RPVAC.

I hereby declare that all the above statements are true.