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Ridgefield Park Volunteer Ambulance Corp

The Ridgefield Park Volunteer Ambulance Corps was formed to provide emergency medical care to the residents of Ridgefield Park. RPVAC provides emergency ambulance service to the Village of Ridgefield Park, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are a completely Volunteer organization, and our members are not compensated for their time.

  • We respond to approximately 1200 calls a year.

  • Trained as EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians)

  • Trained in Certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

  • All training is provided at no cost to the members.

Membership Information

No experience is necessary- training is provided. For moms that have children in school, we have daytime shifts available. We have a great Youth Squad, minimum age to join is 16.

So what are YOU waiting for?

Youth Squad

  • Members age 16-18

  • Ride 4 hour shifts (usually 7PM to 11PM)

  • Trained in CPR and may go to EMT school and become certified

  • Respond on Emergency calls and assist Senior Squad Members with patient care/needs.

  • Youth Squad members assist the Senior Squad members with Rig Checks (maintenance and upkeep of equipment) when on duty.

Senior Squad

  • Members age 18 and up

  • Must be medically/physically able to fulfill the duties of an EMT ~ Lift, carry and move patients.

  • Complete an application and meet with the Membership Committee.

  • Have a valid Driver’s License with a good driving record ~ which is verified by a drivers license abstract.

  • Be fingerprinted by the Ridgefield Park Police Department.

  • Be accepted by the members of the Ambulance Corps and the Board of Commissioners.

  • Once accepted as a Probationary member you must:

  • Be trained in CPR (Training Provided) before being able to ride on the ambulance.

  • Are required to ride at least 12 hours a week (scheduling is Flexible!!).

  • Become an EMT, ride 6 months and take at least fifty calls to become an Active Member (off Probation).

  • Equipment and Training provided at no cost.

Driving the Ambulance

  • Emergency Vehicle Driver’s Training provided

  • Only allowed to drive after training completed and three months of service

LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program)

  • The only form of compensation our members receive is the LOSAP program.

  • Members must earn 100 points or more a year from a variety of categories.

  • Points are earned for taking emergency calls and attending meetings, training, drills, special events.

  • If a member earns their points for the year, the Village deposits a set amount of money into a annuity/brokerage account, which each person then controls; however the money does not belong to the member until they serve the Village for a minimum of five years.


Please fill in the form below to apply. Fill in all questions where applicable. We will respond as quickly as we can once recieved. Thank you.

Thank you for reaching out! You'll hear back from us soon.

Applicant Details

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I hereby authorize inquire by the Corps of all statements contained in this application and release those individuals from any and all liability and damage resulting from or arising out of such investigations. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in this application is cause for immediate dismissal from the Corps.

I consent to taking a pre-membership physical exam and such future exams as may be required by the Corps. I agree to comply with all rules and regulations and by-laws governing the corps, and further agree to return any and all equipment and/or clothing loaned to me by the corps upon relinquishing my membership in RPVAC.

I hereby declare that all the above statements are true.